1st March 2016

The CPG on Culture on Tuesday 1 March 2016 took place 5.30pm-8.00pm at the Scottish Parliament.

The subject was the artist as an endangered species, with particular emphasis on the visual arts.

The format of the meeting was:

  • 5.30pm-6pm – Social Discussion
  • 6pm-6:10pm – Introduction to session from Janie Nicoll, President, Scottish Artists Union
  • 6:10pm-7.00pm – Panel Discussion
    • Ellie Harrison, Visual Artist
    • Ross Sinclair, Artist/Lecturer, Glasgow School of Art
    • Robin Baillie, Senior Outreach Officer, National Galleries Scotland
    • Rob Morrison, Founder/Director, TAKTAL/The Glue Factory
    • Sarah McCrory, Director, GI
  • 7pm-8pm – Group Discussion


For her contribution to the discussion, artist Ellie Harrison joined the meeting via video-conference. She captured the video from her talk and has posted it online:

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